“Fall of the Old Guard” “Remember When” 2008.

Another year, and another book.  The core idea, based on one of those games run by my best friend:  A massive interstellar government had bred its own lines of super soldiers, the ‘Bloodlines’, and had used them to oversee their expansion.  However, this government had failed from within, their expanses taken over by corporate interests.  “Fall of the Old Guard” details the story of one of these super soldiers, Eden Lockhart, and these Bloodlines’s attempts to preserve their way of life by fleeing corporate space.   Instrumental in their flight… Bartolomeo Caravelli, an organized crime boss, who is placed on Eden’s ship for the flight out.

An accident claims many of the great fleet, leaving Eden and Caravelli in charge of a struggling new colony ill prepared for their new lives.  Overall, a fairly standard high tech group finds themselves making do with low tech responses sci fi, but it flowed well and remains a very readable and smooth effort.

It followed with yet another short story, also based on a game story line bred by myself and the Bob… “Remember When”, which is the story of an insane human general captured by the occupation forces of an alien race.   It was, at the time, very unusual for me in that it was written in the first person, my first really strong effort in that point of view.


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