“Gates of Torrent” 2010.

Coming off of the combined “Servant/Chiaroscuro” brought another story, the hoped for original fiction to end my long spree of fanfiction.   I had a character in mind who was all mine, Esme.   She was a return to the high fantasy I’d always seen myself writing, which had fallen behind an odd proclivity to write science fiction.  Esme was even a princess, the youngest child of a king.   I knew her spouse from an earlier short story written a few years ago.  I had a strong core idea in mind, a flip of the usual fantasy world dying under the oppression of science and disbelief.   Esme’s world was an ordinary medieval kingdom under assault by an increasing pressure of the fantastical, where these otherworldly forces were unwanted and terrorizing.

I started it with high hopes, but the start ran into problems right off the bat.  I meant the beginning, Esme’s childhood up until her life was strongly affected by the mythological forces assaulting her home, to be, if not idyllic, then happy.  I meant to transition gracefully into her darker adulthood as a juxtaposition to the beginning.   What I got was a happy, chatty start that fell abruptly into awkward darkness.   My husband read what I had and immediately stated that while he liked the ‘Esme as an adult” sections, but that the beginning was not cutting it.   It had to go.  I agreed, and planned to restart, or to just begin with Esme as an adult, and work from there.   That was September, 2010.  And I was about to have much bigger problems than “Torrent”‘s awkward start…


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