They’re never, ever done.

I hate editing.  Really, truly, utterly, totally (let me get my thesaurus out here for more terms that are synonyms for loathe!) editing.  I’d rather write a hundred pages than edit twenty.  Writing is a flight, and editing is well, ground crew work.

The Emperor’s Finest is 470 pages.  470 pages written quite awhile ago, and is in desperate need of a new beginning.   I started yesterday, and have managed a grand total of five pages.  For someone who averages twenty five pages a day when I’m in the groove and going, this is a dismal effort.  Considering I’m only looking at needing that twenty five pages for the solid start that the book needs, it’s even more dismal.   My hope is to have it done by Sunday, which gives me some leeway without giving myself too much room to get distracted.  I’ve even given myself a firm ‘no gaming’ edict until it’s done and ready to go live.   (Sob…Star Wars:  The Old Republic and my Sith Inquisitor must wait!)

So here I sit, the file open in the background, writing this blog.  And perusing Facebook.  And Yahoo.  And…well…it looks like I’m getting nowhere, fast.

I think the real problem is that books are never done.  I would be surprised if I ran into an author who could seriously tell me that they thought a book was completely, totally, one hundred and ten percent, done.  Over with.  As good as it ever could be.   No matter how old they are, how many times I’ve gone over them, how sick I am of my own ability to butcher the written English language and want to just stick a fork in them and say… “No more!”  The next time I give one a read through, I’m going to find something that just doesn’t work correctly.   And I’m going to want to fix it.   There has to be an end.  A moment when you push it away and say…no.     They’re like children.  You’ve never done quite all you hoped to have, but you blinked and they grew up anyway.   I promise.   These twenty pages, another read through to make certain that the other 450 pages don’t collide nastily with the new pages, and I’m sticking a fork in it.


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