Ah, the joys of a sequel. (Clearing the Way, present)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, pushing The Emperor’s Finest to epublish on Amazon, and quitting my job.  (Long story, and just going to keep right on past that and get to talking about what I’m doing now…)

Anyway, as you know if you’re following this blog, I’m in the middle of my latest book, going under the working title of Clearing the Way.   For those who haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention, “Nathalie and Giddy” (What the story is commonly known as to those involved in its creation) is my version of the contemporary fantasy apocalyptic end of the world genre.  One of the secondary protagonists refers to it as “End of the world zombie apocalypse type of shit…”

It became very obvious, very quickly, that Clearing the Way was moving forward at its own stubborn pace.   It has refused to be jolted into high gear, and at about page 125, my husband noted the obvious pacing issues with “There’s going to be a sequel, right?   Because if there’s not….”   Because if there wasn’t, I better get Nathalie’s butt in gear.   But I had already grasped that eventuality, the story that Nathalie was sharing with me is a far reaching, in depth effort that has been immune to pushing.   The couple of times I have attempted to hike it into high gear sit on the page as glaring, ugly hiccups that will need to be fixed in editing.

So.  Clearing the Way is currently 53, 608 words long.  (276 pages in my current formatting) and is still going strong.   And, likewise, is still barely beginning.   I told myself there’d be no more doorstops in my future, that I had a firm target of 70-80 k words with all of my works, so the new challenge is where, how, to end this gracefully without the concrete foundation of ending at the end of the story.  It’s not done.  It’s not going to be done at 75k words, but I need to find a place that works to bring it to a logical pause.  So far, I don’t see it. Hopefully, Nathalie will provide it…and soon.


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