The mindset of a writer…random thoughts.

I’ve been writing for quite awhile.   And for the greater part of that, I’ve hidden my work, too embarrassed to share.  Looking back at some of my efforts, that might have been for the best, because…well…ugh.    Seriously, full body shudder ugh.  But eventually, we all have to face the facts.  If we intend to make a go of this, gain our dreams, eventually we have to let other people see what we do.  I’m not talking family, because they have to live with us, and it’s in their best interests to keep us happy.  Who wants to live with an angsty, sulking writer that you’ve just been brutally honest to?   Friends fall under the family heading.  While they don’t necessarily live with us, they have to deal with us, and they make biased audiences.

Dropping your work in a box (either email or physical mail) is a little like letting a part of yourself go.   People will look at it, but for the most part, you won’t get feedback.   It’s a whole lot of nothing at all.   You put it out there, and…crickets.

This leads us to resources where people will read your work, and get back to you on it.  This is both a blessing, and a curse.   Many sites have a strong ethic on reviewer behavior, and you will not receive utterly scathing and spirit shrinking replies.  My favorite of these is for the sci fi/fantasy afficinado.   As I’ve noted earlier, fanfiction was the route that really grew my thick skin and gave me a solid ability to withstand criticism.

I’ve kept everybody up to date on the continuing tale of Nathalie and Gideon.  And as an exercise in these continuing steps away from hiding my works, I have put the first chapter up on Goodreads.   Since you have read the path, perhaps you’d like to actually take a look at the beginning.    It’s still in first draft, there will be changes, but:


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