It’s too hot to write.  Too hot to move.  Too hot to breathe… a terrible heatwave has settled over my area with a vengeance.   My house dates from about 1916, well before central air was ever a consideration, and the room I normally write in was not well designed for a window unit.   Today is the tenth day in a row we will top out over 100 degrees, but finally relief seems to be in sight… Sunday is supposed to herald a return to our usual middle to high 80’s for this time of year.


On the writing front:  Clearing of the Way is available on Amazon Kindle.   I completed one of my long term projects (a short story that bogged down awhile ago) and started to send it off in hopes of finding it a home.


One of my hopes, dreams… no, we’ll call it a goal, because hopes and dreams sound so ephemeral, is obviously to write video game tie in novels.   I’ve spent a good bit of time lately reading those I have access to, to get a better feel for the genre, and with a new video game that seems to be fantastic launching soon, I’ve turned my attention to beginning fanfiction for it to try and garner some clout in its writing community right off of the bat.   And it seems it might have worked, I recently returned a proposal to serve as a staff writer for a launching website devoted to this new game.   Wish me luck!




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