The first page is the worst- The Way of the Blessed.

I finished Clearing of the Way knowing exactly where the planned sequel, Way of the Blessed, was going to start at.   I have the scene locked firmly in my head, but as usual, getting it to start rolling has been difficult.   I normally get into the writing groove by rereading at least part of what I’m going so that when I reach the end, I step right into what I was working on earlier.   But with a brand new work, there is no ‘rereading at least part’, and I’m faced with a bright, blank screen.

Because Nathalie and Gideon are sulking in a corner for some unknown reason, hiding behind that killer whiteness of a completely empty page, I’ve been digging in those short stories that, for whatever reason, I let lapse or just stopped paying attention to.   I completed one “In Mysterious Ways” that has been sitting on a back burner for way, way too long, and started sending it out.   There’s another short story, “Dog Eat Dog World”  that I wrote a couple of years ago that came very close to finding a good home only to be rejected at the last moment.   I looked at it with fresh eyes and I know it would benefit from a rewrite.  Then there’s the story I placed as an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest.   I’m positive it would probably also be much better with some work now.   And I have one lonely and bizarre ghost story about halfway done.   It’s time to get cracking!


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