The size of a thumb drive.

My writing laptop is beginning to show its age, so I decided to do a major full backup of all the files I would be even remotely sad if I lost due to a dead machine.   Now, I’m pretty conscientious about backing up my writing, since I have experienced the loss of more than one story the hard way, but this was a backup of more than that.   Pictures, oddities, basically every single thing that isn’t game related in my hard drive, and yes, story after story.


That’s multiple versions of every story, through edits and second thoughts.  That’s every single one of the books and novel length fan fiction arcs that I have described in these blogs.   That’s the breadth of my passion and drive for the last fifteen years.   And it fits on a thumb drive that I have hanging with my Blizzard authenticator on one of the pulls of my desk cabinet.   Sometimes the whole thing feels very, very small.   Ephemeral, like a fog.   The majority of my writing has never been put down on paper, it has only existed as little segments of data…electricity.


Just once, I’d love to pick up a book and know it was mine.


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