Spring Fever-These Dragon Haunted Days, Songs of the Unsung, Path of a Calling

Ah, yes, it’s late winter.  And it seems like every February and March in Wisconsin gives me the same restless lack of focus.

I’ve been playing the rejection dejection game with the short stories I’ve described earlier, and that brings its own issues.   I’m fairly used to the dreaded rejection letters by now, but sometimes the whole process still confuses me.  How can they reject a story merely six hours after I email it?  Is their staff that up on their slush piles that they’re waiting with bated breath for the next one to arrive?   Did they change their guidelines for content and/or length without updating their submission guidelines?  Are they full up, but again, didn’t update their sub guidelines?  I know that I’ll never know the answer, but the immediate rejections really make me wonder.   I’d rather wait the usual weeks and at least delude myself into thinking they had a chance.

Writing fanfiction…again.  (Or is that, still?)   Unfortunately, that lack of focus means I’m flitting from fanfic to fanfic like a sugar high hummingbird.  I’m currently writing three.  At the same time.  Yeah, I really don’t suggest it, but thankfully I believe that “These Dragon Haunted Days” only lacks a chapter or two before I stick a fork in it and call it done.

On a brighter note, I’ve become involved in a new writing group, and unlike the one I describe earlier in the blog, this one seems to be much more my style and more closely fits my needs.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s also much closer!  Maybe having some push and input will help me get back to Way of the Blessed and give it the swift kick in the pants it needs to get going again.


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