“This Way to the Egress” con’t…

He nodded, “I will. And I’ll see you soon.” He promised, tucking his phone back in his pocket and moving away from the trailer. It was still early, no one there would be awake for hours. He could get a head start…by the time they realized he was gone, he’d be long gone.

First, he made his way to his safe deposit box, waiting under the bank awning until it opened that morning. He was smart enough to have never kept anything that he needed at the trailer. Every penny he had, just over two thousand dollars, was here at the bank. No account, only the box… as little a paper trail as possible while still keeping things out of his brothers’ reach. He took everything from it, and left with his usual smile for the tellers…everything needed to be the same as any other day he came through here. Why, he didn’t quite know, but he’d been raised on paranoia, and that was a hard habit to break.

From there, he went straight to the Greyhound station, doing some more praying. He had no idea of the bus schedules, for all he knew, he’d already missed the bus east…but that couldn’t be helped. He had to have money, and it had all been in the deposit box.

“Akron. Ohio.” He muttered when the clerk glanced in his direction. He’d never been out of Utah in his life and the realization was starting to hit him. He was leaving family, his brothers, to travel a thousand miles away to stay with some girl…or so he hoped. He was a damned fool.

No. He had to leave here. Even if Naomi wasn’t, well, Naomi, he still couldn’t live like this. He’d just have to find someplace else, someplace sane. Someplace to start building a life from, and that certainly wasn’t here. He had to break away from his name, from his lost brothers who had replaced one hell with another, from this state, from his past.

“Your name?”

He considered lying, but knew if she asked for identification, he’d be screwed. He actually did have a valid driver’s license, he’d been persistent enough to get that all sorted out and he was happy for it now. “Elias Barlow.” She didn’t give him a glance and he relaxed slightly, calmed. “Tell me I haven’t missed it…”

“No. There’s a wait, though. It leaves tonight, you should be here by eight. It’s a two day trip, so I suggest you take that time and get some snacks, some drinks, anything else you might want. And it will be two hundred eleven dollars.”

Elias only nodded. He was going most of the way across the country, he wasn’t expecting it to be cheap. And while he wasn’t pleased with the idea of waiting hours before even boarding, she was right. Food. Drinks. Great idea. He could do this. “When abouts will I get into Akron?”

“About six pm…Saturday.”

Great. Naomi didn’t have Saturday classes, and six in the evening was not that much of an imposition either. He paid, accepting the ticket and the clerk’s smile with one of his own. “There’s a dollar store three blocks south, it’s the closest and cheapest place to get supplies from.”

“Thank you.” He offered, taking a seat in one of the battered orange plastic seats next to a buzzing vending machine and pulled his phone back out. “I’ll be in Akron Saturday. 6 pm.” He texted, staring at the empty screen. What if she’d changed her mind?

“I’ll see you then.” Popped up, rather quickly for a response from her. She must actually be carrying her phone, would wonders never cease? He nodded to himself, put the phone back in his pocket and stepped back outside, headed south through the sunny morning light. There was a dollar store exactly where the Greyhound clerk had promised, and he bought a small cooler, snacks, drinks and ice as well as some new toiletries. He then ate lunch in a diner, killing as much time as he could before returning to just wait it out.



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  1. Tony
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 11:24:17

    What a coincidence, I live very near Akron!


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