Although I never thought it would come, I’ve bowed to the idea of putting up some of my work under a pseudonym.   It wasn’t an impulsive decision by any means, I gave it a lot of thought before I went ahead with it.  The first alter ego came after I realized I’d like to compartmentalize my fan fiction, to keep the more lewd of my works separate from my usual ones, to have one account, one pen name, for my usual Teen rated works, and a completely separate account and pen name for the mature rated erotica.    That bridge crossed, I took a long hard look at the idea for my original novels.    I never want to mislead a reader, and I feel I’m making some strides in putting myself out there as an author of sci fi and fantasy, but I certainly wanted to bring my contemporary stories out for those who might find them interesting.    It’s an odd feeling, both liberating and a little bashful… I’d thought I’d stopped ‘hiding’ my writing, was willing to put it out there and let the world see it, only to turn around and back away from that.   But, I realized that wasn’t the reason for this… my fan fictions have always been written under pen names, of course, that comes with the territory, so to add a ‘mature’ pen name to that didn’t seem so wrong.   Putting another name on an original novel was a little bit more of a thought process, but now that it’s happened, it has a certain comfort.  (Doesn’t hurt that I chose a version of my maiden name, so it really doesn’t feel like a ‘pseudonym’, just rather like I’m using the rest of my name.)



Erotica…or whoops, there goes my pacing!

The vast majority of my works involve a central male/female pairing relationship.   Which means I often find myself at a point where that relationship wanders where these relationships go… in a bedroom or other convenient, private and somewhat plushy place.   The moment this happens, my clickety clack pacing goes down the drain.   Sex scenes take me forever, as I try to balance what I want to convey while still holding on to a certain level of discretion.  I don’t write porn.  I don’t want to.   I want to express a true, intimate relationship, not just sex and I want to do with the same polished vocabulary I use for the rest of the book.  This is not nearly as easy as it should be, at least for me.   I spend a lot of time during these scenes fighting the urge to go do something else, anything else.  Laundry?  Well, there’s always that.  Dishes?  Sure.   Vacuum?   Ditto.

So here I am.  Most of Clearing the Way has been written to a techno soundtrack, Global Deejays is my newest love, but that’s just not hacking it through this day, with a full bore erotic scene unfolding.   So, I must sadly admit, I’ve gone back to even worse…techno love songs.   :/   It’s a morning of Cascada, Dj Sammy and DHT while I try to find the best route through where I’m at.   My hope was to actually see the first draft finished today, and the writing is going well, but as long as this scene is taking, I’m doubting if I’ll actually get to the end.   Agh, maybe it’ll be tomorrow, if I can get these two out of bed.